About Isabel Barreto

Dealing with precious and semi precious stones had always been a passion and even though I never learned jewellery design (in a technical way), I always had a good eye for unusual pieces. Having made the decision to change careers in 2006, the most obvious thing to do was to first source jewellery for friends. With time (and a steady clientelle),  I found myself designing jewellery with good quality stones, as the market was (and still is) saturated with cheap fashion jewellery that doesn’t last for long.

Working with small specialist craftsmen in India, I choose premium quality semi-precious stones, which are hand-crafted in sterling silver and gold plate. My designs, while contemporary and unusual, remain classic at heart. The collections are fresh, the attention to detail is exquisite and the finish is impeccable. Most pieces are one offs, so chances of seeing the same design on someone else would be rare.

Isabel Barreto